Interested in joining the FolkMind team?

Published on Sunday, November 13, 2005

When I put up the recruitment notice at SourceForge I got around five response. Before taking in any one, I thought of defining some basic expectations from my side.

First I need to know if you are really interested in the idea behind FolkMind.
A good way of demonstrating this to me is by sending me a MindMap of what you think of FolkMind. A FreeMind is a good tool with which you can do this (and like the name implies it is free :-) ). If you are not using this tool, send me the stuff that you create as a picture.

Second I need to know how good you are with implementing stuff and if you are used to the open source model of working. A pointer to any implementation that you have done (or help build) would be good enough. Obviously it should be available online – preferably on source forge.

If interested please send the above mentioned details to folkmind at gmail dot com

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