Gear-up for the trip

Published on Friday, July 28, 2006

List of the gears that we are taking for the trip:

  • We got ourself each a good back-pack. Not the most expensive one, but a good one. One is quite tall and has a capacity of about 60 Liters! The other one is smaller (around 40 Liters) and this will be the one that we will be carrying around mostly. We are planning to finish all our packing in these two.
  • Secondly, we got ourself some very light summer clothing. Europe is going through a heat-wave. So I guess this will help.
  • For photography, I borrowed (from Venkat) some CF storage for my EOS 350D. Now I have a total of 1.75 GB storage! So I can shoot away (in RAW mode) to glory.  Also I am packing standard accessories like external flash, tripod, chargers etc.
  • I am also carrying my laptop (a IBM Thinkpad X41 tablet). I am hoping that I can continue to blog about the trip. Also the laptop will help free up the space on the CF cards when they are full.
Total weight so far for both of us combined is about 20 Kg, which is not bad (considering all the gadgets that I am carrying)!

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