Migrated Folk-Mind.org to Google Apps for Domains

Published on Thursday, August 31, 2006

I should admit that I was not able to spend adequate time on FolkMind. Now that I am back from my vacation, I am committing myself again to this. And this time I am hoping that I can maintain the momentum.

Google started an initiative called 'Google Apps for Domains'. According to Google, this service will..

..offer private-labeled email, IM and calendar tools to all of your users for free*, so they can share ideas and get things done more effectively. You can design and publish your organization's website, too. It's all hosted by Google, so there's no hardware or software for you to install or maintain.

One of the first steps that I did is to migrate the domain folk-mind.org to the above Google service. I should say that my migration experience was quite painless and was able to finish the whole activity in less than 2 hours (including adding the default home page).

My only crib is that, currently there is no option to change the 'A record' in the DNS. We can only modify the CNAME record. This results in folk-mind.org and www.folk-mind.org (this time with the www) returning two different pages. My brother helped me resolve this by using a web forward to folk-mind.org.

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