Reached Rome and got pickpocketed

Published on Thursday, August 24, 2006

We reached Rome by train (thanks to Eurail pass) and within moments of getting off the train someone stole my valet! This is despite the fact that, I had kept the valet in my front pocket (which also had a zipper). The speed with which this happened took me off-guard.

I understand that such thieves act in coordination - one person would be responsible for distracting the victim and the second would do the actual act of stealing.

This is how (I presume) it happened in my case. I took the metro pass from the vending machine and started waking towards the train. Just then I saw a lady (who was walking past me), 'accidentally' drop a book. It was quite a heavy book and the sound of it hitting the floor was hard to miss. I was surprised that the lady did not realize this and prompted her about the same.

It was probably during this that I got robbed. Having successfully distracted my attention, her accomplice would have easily taken my valet. The accomplice would have noticed where I had kept my valet after taking the metro ticket.

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