Flip Through Movies

Experience a new way to browse through vast collection of English and regional movies. Experience This was the entry that myself and three of my friends worked on for the 2010 Yahoo OpenHack Bangalore.

Here are some of its feature:

  • Explore the collection of movies
  • Zoom in/out of movies smoothly
  • View details in a movie badge
  • Sort & filter movies based on criteria
  • Apply cumulative filters
  • Search for related movies

Watch a video demo of the site



Another fun project that I worked on is Dejavu. Dejavu is a Windows 7 Shell Extension that allows the user to version Windows 7 Libraries in a way that is very similar to TimeMachine in Mac. Dejavu uses Git versioned files system. Once a file is added to Dejavu, the user can use the Git engine to sync the files remotely to any other location or machine.

 You can learn more about this by watching the following Video.