Tools used for DotSVN - Resharper

Performance of DateTime.Parse()

Announcing DotSVN.Net site

FireBug is an amazing FireFox plugin for developers

Connecting to SVN repository using DotSVN

The SVNKit influence on DotSVN

DotSVN progress

"Block length does not match with its complement." in DeflateStream

Upgraded to MT4

Significant milestone reached for DotSVN

Producing Open Source Software

We are going on a small vacation...

Update on nTrac

My blog among top 20, selected by Microsoft India

nTrac progress - Day 2

DotNet IM Client based on XMPP

SilverLight 1.1 Alpha

VPN Evolved

Using SVK

More info on SVK

Yet another Notepad replacement...

HiveMinder - an elegant web based organizer

Started NTrac on Google Code

On IIS and Kerberos

Identity 2.0 - On how I can use as my OpenID

Identity 2.0

With 'Dapper', you can treat the web like a database

What's happening to MovableType

Automatic OPML sync for Flock

On Intelligence

Migrated to a new hosting provider

Do we trust DRM?

Integrated Google Adsense to my blog

What's all the fuss about Movable Type 3.3

Migrated to Google Apps for Domains

Windows Live Writer (Beta)

Consequence of the end of 'The Free Performance Lunch'!

WonderLa Park - One reason for popularity of my blog!

Trouble installing Audigy 2 NX and Promise 378 controller in Windows Vista Beta 2

Vista clock applet, with multiple time zone support

Intuitive error messages in Windows Vista

Vista System Performance Rating

Web 2.0 tools to help plan and track my vacation

Safari Books Online

Value of links

Some statistics from Google Analytics

You can speak freely, but they will hear you only if you pay!

Digg FolkMind

Interested in joining the FolkMind team?

Others who are working on similar lines as FolkMind

FolkMind is getting some attention!

Is FolkMind better than Google?

Introducing the first movers

Google Analytics


Too much of information is no information

My two cents on Flock

Seamless Integration of Web Services

Choosing a good CMS for the FolkMind SourceForge project

Created SourceForge project for FolkMind

Finished updating my blog engine

FolkMind – a killer app for the Web 2.0 era

Added TagCloud to my sidebar

On Designing Good Libraries

Community Server 1.0

Firefox 1.0 Released

Power of CSS

Interesting Site...

Back again

Google's Bangalore R&D Centre is hiring


First version of IL parser

Where have all the ASSERTs gone?

Interesting project that I would like to monitor.

Finished creating the Lotus plugin for Timex Datalink

Code Cross Referencing tools

I am happy to announce the launch of

Direct Download Links to VS8 Beta

Paint.NET: MS Paint replacement