Update on nTrac

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I have decided to take some time off, and focus on nTrac.

I am in the process of defining the scope for the same.

My thoughts on the initial version are as follows:

  • This is targeted towards Windows developers. The product should scale from a single user to a group of users very easily.
  • Ease of deployment is very important. The basic install will have source-control (SVN) and web based tracking up-and-running.
  • The product will have very little external dependency - It should work on an XP box with .Net and nothing else.
  • The Desktop deployment will be a customized version of the Cassini Web server and will run off the system tray (very similar to ScrewTurn Wiki desktop edition).

To enable this level of ease of deployment, I prefer the option of embedding subversion into the product. A good .Net binding for Subversion will definitely help.

I will continue to update the progress that I am making here.