I'm George Chiramattel, a web technologist with two decades of industry experience. Interested in anything related to technology and leading a full life.

Moved to GitHub Pages

Static site generation and how I moved my site to GitHub pages

Finally moved my site to GitHub Pages. An essential prerequisite for this move is that I needed a good static site generator. There are lots of good static generators out there. I wanted something that is based on .Net – and if it can be ported to .Net core and supports Razor that would be a bonus. I ended up choosing wyam. Porting my existing content proved to be an easy task. This has been something that I wanted to get done for a long time. I am glad that it is finally done - just in time for new year.

FlipThroughMovies.com has a new theme

A new theme for FlipThroughMovies

Last night we rolled out a new theme for FlipThroughMovies.com.

FlipThroughMovies.com home

Launched FlipThroughMovies.com

I am happy to announce the launch of FlipThroughMovies.com.

I am happy to announce the launch of FlipThroughMovies.com. This is the culmination of the hack that we worked on during Yahoo OpenHack. You can use this site to navigate through movies available at BigFlix, the popular movie rental site in India.