Finished creating the Lotus plugin for Timex Datalink

Published on Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Timex PIM Software As mentioned in my previous blog I was working on a Lotus Notes plugin for the Timex PIM software. I am happy to say that the basic code is now functional and I will be able to upload a version very soon.

Pending Issues:
  • Memory Leak - The PIM software expects the plugin writes to allocate memory using the operator 'new'. According to documentation, the software will internally free this memory. I think this is causing a strange bug (I am not sure about this). The Timex PIM software is compiled using and older version of MFC than what I use (for creating the plugin). So when the PIM software tries to delete memory that I allocate, it throws an exception and will result in a leak. I guess they should have used a library independent way of memory allocation like the CoTaskMemAlloc().  
  • DSN configuration - The code that I wrote uses the ODBC driver for Lotus Notes to get the data. If I have to distribute the plugin, I will have to provide some utility to set up the DSN.
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